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 A Soursop is a delicious fruit grown in Belize and other Central American countries. It has a green leathery skin that is prickly.  You don’t eat the skin but you can eat the white creamy insides. Use it to make any desserts like ice-cream, pops or ice bars or you can eat it by itself. You can find it online or Whole foods or Caribbean markets in the US. Here’s a simple dessert recipe using Soursop.

1/4 – 1/2 cup sugar
1- 2 cup soursop pulp
1 cup water or more depending on thickness
1 14oz can of condensed milk


1. Blend pulp with sugar. Stir well.
2. Add milk and water. Beat thoroughly.
3. Freeze in ice trays


Posted October 13, 2011 by belizecuisine in Desserts

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